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“The first certified quality region Wanderbares Deutschland – With the Uplandsteig and Rothaarsteig you will discover perhaps the most beautiful hiking region in all of Germany.”

Willingen’s certified hiking guides know the most beautiful hiking trails and have the best offers for hiking in Willingen (Upland) in the middle of the Hochsauerland. With them the tour will be interesting and entertaining, they know in an entertaining way so some anecdotes and interesting facts to tell.

Two-wheel variety

The vacation region Willingen offers pure vacation variety – and for bikers of all kinds a wonderful natural scenery.

Be welcome in bike-friendly Willingen. Whether downhill or touring, there is something for every two-wheel fan.

Ski resort Willingen

The biggest far and wide! The Viessmann Winter Park presents alpine skiing on 16 km of prepared slopes with ski runs up to 2000 m long.

“Skiing without a long journey? Willingen makes it possible. Mountains, lifts, snow – and all that right on your doorstep. Top conditions for locals and our guests. Simply great!”

Enjoy together

Fun, variety and adventure for the whole family! Whether parents with child, grandparents, school class or senior group – in Willingen everyone will find the right offer!

Healthy vacation

In the climatic health resort and “Kneippheilbad” Willingen you can enjoy pleasant treatments, peace and quiet but also active recreation and variety.

“Far view makes happy. This is scientifically well proven. To stay on mountain tops on days with good distant view and to enjoy the distant view consciously helps against depressions. Do you know how often the sun shines on the Ettelsberg? In times of cloudy foggy weather, the Ettelsberg can be a very worthwhile destination for an excursion, because especially the Ettelsberg peak then still rises out of the fog. By the way, this lack of fog in Willingen was a criterion for the healing climate when it was predicated!”

Party in Willingen

Gladly, but please with respect!

The World Cup town of Willingen is known for its hospitality and conviviality. Many clubs and associations from all over Germany and neighboring countries travel to celebrate – and are always welcome. But there are limits to the exuberant partying. Clear rules to ensure that citizens continue to feel at home in their town, as well as guests who like it quieter. In the campaign “Respectful to each other”, the municipality of Willingen asks for consideration. 

The message of the campaign is consistently positive. Photos of happy, celebrating people make you want to have “unforgettable experiences” in the “unique” Willingen with its good pubs. With so much hospitality, it should be self-evident to dispose of garbage or empty bottles in an environmentally friendly manner, to refrain from disturbing the peace at night, for example by singing loudly, as well as from “wild peeing”. For quite some time now, disguises, belly stores or soccer jerseys have also been undesirable. 

In order to ensure a harmonious coexistence, there are also some behavioral measures regarding alcohol. For example, guests who are drunk will not be admitted to the pubs. In addition, the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the open street and in the Ettelsberg cable car is prohibited. Because that everything peacefully runs off – on it the Willinger attaches great importance. Security and local police ensure the safety of the guests.

838 meters of uniqueness

Willingen’s cable car is so far unique in German low mountain ranges and inspires not only young and old ski bunnies, but also hikers, mountain bikers and anyone who wants to enjoy a magnificent view from the Hochheideturm to the Ettelsberg.

The ride up the 838 m high Ettelsberg is safe and comfortable. 47 modern and enclosed cabins protect you from wind and weather while offering a magnificent view.

Take a chance and stop by!

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